Wellness & Hormone Centers of America

Wellness & Hormone Centers of America is a primary care facility with a focus on health promotion. Our team of medical experts take a comprehensive approach to patient care, accounting for social, environmental, and biological factors. Through careful analysis of medical history, physical assessment and diagnostic testing, we are able to develop an individualized, holistic treatment plan for each client based on their needs and goals.

How We Can Help

With an emphasis on functional and complementary medicine, we are able to prevent and treat a variety of medical conditions through the use of bioidentical hormone therapy and nutraceutical therapy. By boosting nutrient levels, balancing neurotransmitter and hormonal health and encouraging positive habits and stress management techniques, functional medicine can substantially improve your health. Some of the medical diagnoses that have been proven to be highly responsive to these forms of treatment are:

We also specialize in medical weight loss programs. The focus of our weight loss programs is to help you stop dieting and improve your ability to permanently lose weight by enhancing digestive health and other bodily functions, and encouraging you to develop healthy lifestyle habits that will help you keep your weight off long-term. Offering nutritional counseling, dietary supplements, hormone replacement therapy, hCG drops and injections, customized exercise plans and non-invasive lipo, we are able to put together a plan built just for you to help you successfully reach your weight loss goals in a short amount of time.
Wellness & Hormone Centers of America uses a compounding pharmacy, giving us the ability to provide our patients the treatment they need while eliminating unnecessary ingredients commonly found in mass-produced medications. This allows for accurate dosing, reduced side effects, and ease of administration.

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